DoorKnock - We Field Chase Past Due Accounts *California*

DoorKnock - The best company to use, when your members and customers have not paid or responded to your attempts through collection calls and letters.

When customers are not paying you, while collection calls and letters are not generating Return Calls or Customer Contact.

Your next smart decision should be to

Knock on the Door- Confirm identity - Find out where is the customer /co-maker ? Then find out why the account is not being paid ? Where is the collateral ? Who has it ?, Why? Find it, What's the current condition of the vehicle ? DoorKnock will also attempt to collect on your account to try and get current or set up an approved payment arrangement.

Do not allow your accounts to continue to roll to the final stages of delinquency and then having to charge-off your delinquent accounts. Assign it to DoorKnock for a field chase immediately.

We will drive to the assigned address. If contact is made, we will attempt to connect them to the collection department or find a way to resolve the account.

This method will jump start your members efforts to quickly respond and contact your office.

DoorKnock is your best bet to link your customers back in touch with your collection staff. Most people are basically honest, but good at stalling.

You never know until you DoorKnock!

Lets get Started !

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