We will send an Outside/Field - Collection Representative to the addresses of your request. If contact is made with your customer.

We will request that the account be paid current.

If we make make contact, we will then confirm that the residence or job is verified.

We will always supply your collection department with honest and instant updates by phone, fax, or internet services. What ever works best for your operations.

We will complete full vehicle inspections, if requested.

We work your accounts thoroughly and immediately at all assigned locations.

We work accounts every day except major holidays. ( 8am to 9pm)

We handle your accounts professionally.

We don't make excuses !

We can deliver your preapproved collection letters directly to your customer at a minimal cost. A hand delivered letter has much more impact than mailed collection letters.

We also will batch accounts and allow you to save on expenses (ask about batching accounts). Depending on the time and distance to the assigned location.

Our office is centrally located in the Southern California in Pasadena. We cover a wide ranges of counties and freeways where your members probably live or used too!

We will work your accounts in the following counties- Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,Ventura ,San Bernardino, and San Diego.If you are familiar with Southern California, we cover a huge area for outside support to your collection teams.

We take pride in working your accounts- if you want to reduce your delinquency now- Please contact our office.

Please call if you are not sure. (626) 296-6904

You can sit around and think something will happen or you can make it happen. Stop leaving numerous messages all month and instead Knock on the door. Get instant results.

Now that 65% of the population in the United States has a cell phone-instead of a home telephone- You need to be prepared to work the accounts in the field. Message machines, Pre Paid Cards, customers just hiding and avoiding you, new technology can work for you, but also against you!

Find out first hand just exactly what is going on with the account. We don't just drive-by.

We get out of the car and will walk a mile if that's where the front door is !

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