What we do - We will relink your collectors with your delinquent customers...

Most prospective clients like to know the background of a company. On this page we will describe some of our history .

DoorKnock - Established in 1975, when office staff used their own personal vehicles to chase delinquent accounts. we'd run them and through the weekends, collected payments, gained new information, wrote it on a ledger cards and began to enjoy it. That's how DoorKnock was created.

Back then, It was grab 25 ledger cards out of the delinquent file box. The worst ones first with the highest balances . Map out the areas to chase, then get in the car and get started. We worked all of the accounts the entire day. Collected payments, found out the needed mandatory information, wrote the information on the ledger card and then back to the car and on to the next assigned account.

Our staff has over 40 years of chase experience and spotting vehicles out for repo.

While employed - we worked in various management positions such as- Dealer Relations, Wholesale Auditors, Repossession Managers, Skip Trace Trainers, California Field Chase Supervisors, Credit Investigation Supervisors, Credit Managers.

When we go, we go there for a purpose and that is, to resolve your accounts. To get your customer to pay or to at least speak to you directly.

We respect the business and know what it takes to help your department reduce losses at all levels.

We have done what you are currently doing now and fully believe that to reduce your numbers in delinquency- you have to chase a certain amount of your accounts and resolve them at the front door.

Sure! California traffic is not friendly at times, no excuses, we will get to the assigned location and work your account thoroughly.

Please consider assigning some of your delinquent accounts and we will start working on them immediately.

We strictly follow The California Collections Practice Acts/ F.D.C.P.A.

Fully Insured liability policy in force.

Company History

*DoorKnock is the most respected outside Contact and Collect source in Southern California*

For 40 years we have been serving California with the best in outside collection services. Our name has stood for Integrity, Stability, Quality and Excellence.When we began we believed our clients deserved the best financial collection services, we still do, and we always will.

Client Accolades
"Your firm really helped us put our collection department at a lower delinquency level" Thank You !
J.Beltrano "With the help of your services," We have reduced our delinquency"
Bob Clarken "I like using DoorKnock, very consistent and persistent as well dependable. Somehow they manage to get members to call in and work something out. BKR"


You can always count on DoorKnock.
Honest Accurate and Instant Updates. If you are using a different company,
try DoorKnock and you will see the difference on how a file should be properly worked!

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